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The day begins with breakfast and then: at work. That changes depending on the type of historical and architectural site of the work camp. In the morning we have a coffee break and some participants, by turns, prepare the lunch for the entire group! In the afternoon we have the amusement activities, organized by the leaders together with the group. Then you can have a hot shower, dinner, you can spend the evening all together and eventually go to bed! During the work camp we do also some guided tour of the surroundings and countryside with sports. (walks, horse-riding, bicycle, kayak or swimming pool, catamaran, climbing …) All camp activities will be organized and directed not only by the leaders, but also by a specialized leader. You don't need to have particular knowledge or previous experience, you only need to be healthy and willing to do lots of new things!


You must be between 14 and 17 years old or over 18 and have 15/20 holyday days (it depends on the camp type) You must bring, for your “survival”: sleeping bag, pillow-case, mattress-cover, toilet bag with toilet ties, small rack sack, flask, torch and alarm-clock. For the work we suggest you to bring old clothes (closed and strong shoes, old jeans). You can enjoy more yourself if you take with you comfortable shoes for walking trip, a swimming cap and a swimsuit, a rain coat and, if you whish, some games, musical instruments and why not ?… your favourite recipes! Don't bring too much money with you and, above all, do not bring articles of high value!!


THE WORK depends on the monument or the type of restoring. (You can find this information on the other leaflet) No particular knowledge is required because the activities will be directed by the leaders and a skilled leader. THE GROUP'S LIFE: every camp has its rhythm of life and its planned activities. The rules must be respected and, if not, the leader can send back a volunteer. All volunteers work together and cook, do the cleaning up and plan the day's activities to get the best from their stay. Every camp has boys and girls coming from different countries. (Italians, French and English people, Belgians …) THE ACCOMMODATION: generally is a building with beds, bathrooms (with hot water) and a kitchen. THE TRIP: after you are enrolled, you'll receive all documents with general information about the camp and a map. You are responsible of your journey to the work site and back home. The cost of your journey isn't included in the camp's price. Every trip during the camp will be followed by the leaders and its cost is included in the price you paid.


The price includes room and board, insurance, trips during the camp and all booked activities. Documents required: · Certificate of strong and healthy constitution · Certificate of vaccination (you have to be vaccinated against tetanus) · E 111 which enables you to be healed in Italian hospitals without paying anything · The application form signed and filled in · Parental consent All volunteers are covered under an insurance which provides an indemnity in event of bodily injury arising out of employment and activities with our association. The personal possessions of volunteers and the journey from and back home are not insured.


7.30 Sveglia  
7.30/8.15 Colazione  
8.30 Inizio cantiere Tutti tranne i 2 o 3 che cucinano e fanno la spesa
10.45/11.00 Intervallo con merenda  
13.30 Fine cantiere con tutto il materiale in ordine  
13.30/15.00 Pranzo, lavvaggio stoviglie, pulizia dei luoghi di vita e tempo tranquillo per docce Gruppi di lavaggio piatti, pulizia, e cucina
15.00/18.30 Attività pomeridiane Tutti
17.00 Merenda Gruppo di cucina
18.30/19.30 Tempo tranquillo e pulizia dei bagni Gruppo di pulizia
19.30/21.00 Cena, lavaggio stoviglie Gruppo di cucina e lavaggio piatti
21.00 Attività serali  
23.00 A letto  


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